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If you are reading this, you have expressed interest in Team Challenger FC South.

If you are looking for a place where your child can grow as a person and as a player, I would definitely check us out.

After tryouts also feel free to speak with current parents in the club to form your own opinion of who we are and what we do.

The term “development” is used and abused across many organizations. To ensure we are
never in the category of abusers we strive to “develop” the person and the player from as many
angles possible. While there is nothing wrong with having multiple teams in an age group,

at Team Challenger FC South we believe in giving all our attention, focus and resources to ONE

TEAM per age group. We only carry one team in each age group so we can focus on the growth
and development of the player and the team.

A snapshot of what we do includes two to three trainings per week, mandatory classroom
sessions so players can understand the game through tactical analysis, homework
assignments, older players mentoring younger players, a youth development program that is
very interactive with older players, guest speakers that features former professional players,
high level tournaments and friendlies, trips to Europe, a rigorous winter session that mainly
focuses on technical development, etc. (everything written above can be verified by current and
former parents).

Given our level of commitment over the years it is no wonder that Team Challenger players
perform very well in their high schools, colleges and other teams they join. We can also proudly
say academically we are complemented constantly by parents current and former after noticing
the impact our program has on the players mindset and their academics. Our reputation is built
on doing and not by saying.

Players are challenged on an everyday basis to become good people, improve as players, and
most importantly strive to become the best teammate possible. Most of our staff (team
managers and coaches) are in the field of education and we prefer it that way because it
ensures that every player here is understood. ALL coaches are also challenged and
encouraged to continue developing therefore they attend seminars and conventions, coaching
education courses and the club provides them with coaching software, coaching subscriptions,
and books that are relative to personal growth as well as helping to understand and improve the

The work that Team Challenger FC South puts into players can be validated by a National Title,
Regional Titles, State Cup Championships, youth tournament championships, National league,
MRL and GLC titles, but more importantly our success can be validated by happy parents,
current players, and former players who can look back to their time with us and be proud of how
they were treated, what they learned and the lasting impact that have paved the way they now
walk into their futures.

Give Team Challenger FC South a chance and then make your decision before becoming a
number on someone else’s roster. Give your child a chance at learning values beyond your
dinner table, the classroom and that will transcend to everyday life on and off the field.

Interested? Click the Tryout Registration below. Hope to see you there!

Oliver Condell

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