The TCFC South Youth Development Academy program is aimed at players between the ages of 4 and 8 yrs old that are interested in not only increasing their technical abilities but also developing a greater understanding and passion for the game.

Players train with our staff coaches and are mentored by older players in the club. Our coaches provide consistent guidance and remain dedicated towards teaching the fundamental skills and then allowing our players to apply these skills in an environment where creativity, intelligence, skill, athleticism, hard work, and teamwork all matter.

Our YDA program is a pathway to our more competitive teams at U10 and up.  This specific portion of our Team Challenger FC program will provide the best opportunity for a young player to get off to the right start.  It will not only provide a solid foundation of learned skills, it will also allow our players to become, comparatively speaking, “more comfortable, more quickly” and this will help nurture a sense of self-confidence as they continue to mature.


Our players train one day a week for approximately 9 months out of the year.  The attention to detail is placed on skill development and our training is without question the main focus of our weekly regiment, especially for our youngest of age groups.  Most programs designed for players at this age will provide twice the amount of games as opposed to practice in order to satisfy a certain “want” from the general public, but we, on the other hand, do not.  We practice more than we play games or matches at this age and the reason is simple…the players must take their time and learn who they are as a player before they can truly begin to test themselves.


Our YDA players play in league games only a portion of the year.  We train in the Fall and in the Spring, but during the winter we introduce them to futsal games.  And in our opinion (and the opinion of many of the top player producing countries in the world), futsal is the absolute top tool in developing a young player’s confidence with the ball at their feet and their overall soccer intelligence.   We use these futsal games as opportunities for our players to experiment and a place where they can begin to apply the skills that they are learning through the course of the year.


YDA players will wear challenger practice uniforms that will have numbers on the back. After you have accepted your invitation you will be provided with the information to get your practice uniform.

Cost of TCFC South YDA Fall season is $300

Keep in mind being accepted into the YDA program does not guarantee you a spot on a team when the appropriate time comes as there will still be a formal tryout open to the general public.

YDA players are invited to come out to any Team Challenger Home games where they will have the opportunity to become ball boys for the game and be around the players before, during and after the game.

Benefits of our YDA Program

  • Interaction with older players in the club (Mentoring)
  • Opportunity to train and play up with older players
  • Ball boy at Club home games and local College games
  • Advanced training
  • Play dates to gauge our progress
  • Grow in a challenging environment where his/her development is cared for
  • Early introduction to Challenger playing style and culture
  • Train the player with other like minded and skilled individuals (which is why players have to be invited as we do not take all players)
  • Help families save money if the player is not yet ready to play club
  • ** possibly a local tournament if players seem ready for that environment


Three Sessions

Fall (Aug-Oct), Winter (Nov-Mar) and Spring (Apr-May) seasons are available.

*All outdoor training will be at Buckeye Woods Park

*Small Tournaments if any will be loaded in Teamsnap and covered by the club

*you must participate in a mandatory spring club fundraiser


Contact Us

For inquiries regarding inclusion into the YDA program and/or TCFC please contact:

DOC: Oliver Condell